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Your child sits comfortably and can concentrate on what is happening at the moment. Small parts. Every seating shell fitting requires a number of small parts: Otto Bock offers a va‑ riety of solutions with a selection of hinges, screws, closures and other parts. Small parts. 56Otto Bock HealthCare | Custom Seating | Otto Bock HealthCare | Custom Seating | www.ottobock.com57. If you believe you would benefit from a custom moulded seat, we can provide a complete service from assessment to delivery. Contact us via the enquiry form or at seating@ to book an appointment.

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37. Quickie Helium. 39. Quickie Xenon.

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Send an email. Stay in touch. Mobility – as autonomous as possible – is crucial not only for your child's physical development, but also for comprehensive impressions of the environment and social interaction. We promote this … Seating and positioning accessories | Ottobock 9 1 Advantages • Optimal pressure redistribution for those at high risk of pressure ulcers • Shear protection in the ischial area for additional skin protection • Excellent ride comfort due to the impact damping properties of Rest Suspension foam • High level of stability due to the properties of the Rest Ottobock Seating Philosophy Ottobock Baxx expands our seating and positioning portfolio and is designed to complement our seat cushions as part of our overall Seating Philosophy.

André Skagervik – Marketing, Communication, Commercial

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04:55. 66. Kimba Spring sulky med ABS-sits 4 Otto Bock Scandinavia AB Individuella sitsar i Ottobocks tillbehörskatalog [646K12=SE] samt Ottobock Custom Seating  Monteringar på Ottobock Start junior. 208,97 KB. Bruksanvisning.
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Ottobock seating

Mer. bild Våra ortopedtekniska center bild Ottobock, Barks väg 7, Solna (2021). Mer. bild Exopulse Suit  1.1 Förord Tack för att du valt Rollator, en kvalitetsprodukt från Ottobock. Den maximala belastningen för sittenhet/sling Seat (belastning) uppgår till 25 kg  wheelchairs and seating and positioning solutions, with a strong dedication to Ottobock är ett ledande varumärke på den ortopedtekniska marknaden.

Watch on For more information, visit us at SORT · Shop all seating · Floor Sitters, Inserts & Portable · Rifton Activity Chair Collection · R82 Scallop · Inspired by Drive Seat2Go · Leckey PAL Classroom Seat. Results 1 - 14 of 14 Otto Bock One Piece Wheelchair Arm Trough Pad (436A3=2-7).
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For over 15 years, Kimba has been a family and therapist favorite. An everyday companion that is foldable but still gives you that rigid frame feeling, while also scoring points with its design.

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mounting kits on regular wheelchairs with standard upholstery fastened in place or on firm as well as customized back systems / seating shells. At our Ottobock Planning & Equipping, Materials production site in Nieuwkuijk, three large showrooms invite you to experience our product line for orthopaedic footwear specialism, orthopaedic technology and shoe repair at close range. You can also take a look … Ottobock 的坐姿哲學 | Ottobock Seating Philosophy 好的輪椅座墊應考慮用家的特別需要,以提供舒適,健康和具功能性的產品為準 People who depend on a power wheelchair know how important it is to use tailor-made medical devices for a self-determined everyday life. Thanks to our technical expertise and many years of experience in dealing with affected individuals and therapists, we are able to find fitting solutions that offer you more independence and equality at school, at work and in your leisure time. Ottobock cooperates with Motivation, the leading provider of mobility solutions for disabled people living in the developing world.

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117,345 likes · 41 talking about this · 68 were here. Ottobock is a world-leading manufacturer and supplier of prosthetic limbs, orthotic supports and wheelchairs that The Ottobock Clinical Services Network offers customised orthopaedic treatment and rehabilitation solutions for users around the globe. With harmonised quality standards in over 240 fitting centres worldwide, state-of-the-art technology and close collaborations with doctors and specialised clinics we help our users to regain, maintain and improve their freedom of movement. Ottobock bietet innovative Produkte in den Bereichen Prothesen, Orthesen, Rollstühle und Mobilität bei neurologischen Krankheiten nach dem Grundsatz „Quality for life“. Ottobock Ireland is happy to provide a service to all clients regardless of the funding source. The quality of the service is the same for all but HSE funding restrictions may have an effect in some HSE regions on the speed at which we are permitted to provide the service. Ottobock is a world leading supplier of high quality, innovative and practical solutions that restore human mobility and help people to rediscover personal independence.

Compatible with the Ottobock and Leckey range of seating systems, your child can be stable while exploring its surroundings. more Otto Bock Shape System A seating system for adults and children that provides custom made contoured foam cushions to provide support for those who require a high level of postural support.